Pokemon GO:ProPack (get free Pokemon, coins, gps unlock and more!)

Certified Gamepage ANDROIDGAMESAPK presents hacked version of Pokemon GO! only for android from 7/8/2016 .

Different Pokémon live in different areas of the world; for example, water-type Pokémon are found near water. A wristband device called the Pokémon Go Plus will be available for use with the app, enabling a more heads-up gaming experience than Ingressprovides. The device uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the players smart device and uses vibration and a flashing light to alert the player of the presence of a nearby Pokémon. The player throws balls at the Pokemon in order to catch them. There are two modes: AR and non-AR. In AR mode, the player captures Pokemon using the phone’s camera, in non-AR, the player throws pokèballs at Pokèmon to capture them



YOU will have access to all the Pokemon evrywhere arround you ! YOU can have infinite pokeballs and gps locations  Tool download will be required after the download of the apk file to generate new files! YOu will get enough coins to buy anything you like ! All this for free only in Android devices .



  1. 1000 XP lvl
  2.  FREE 100 incense (Insense pokemon with a mysterious fragnance that lures pokemon to your location)
  3.  FREE pokemons ( 158/500 Pokemons free pick at the beginning)
  4. FREE Pokeball ( 100 pokeballs at the start)
  5.  FREE Egg Incubator.
  6.  Pokedex ( 158 pokemons )
  7. Free coins ( 500 coins is earned after the download of this game )
  8.  LEVEL 5 from the start

Players now can Download Hacked version from:-


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