Hello Neighbor APK android Alpha 1,2,3,4

Download Hello Neighbor APK for Android Mobile Phone

Hello neighbor APK Android is a stealth horror surviving game which is exiting and exotic for us to play on our daily lives. Download Hello neighbor PRE-alpha , Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 4 , BETA, Hello Bendy and full hello neighbor game for your PC(windows).

SPOILER :- ” The goal of the player of the game is to be discreet and sneak into the basement of their neighbors house to uncover a horrible secret!


The fabulous gameplay of Hello neighbor APK for Android FROM WIKI

Hello Neighbor APK for Android mobile , we find ourselves locomotion into a new crib around the street of a unknown neighbor who is mysterious,  who definitely has a secret in his basement. our task is to break into the neighbor’s crib and gather items needed to unlock and access his basement. when we explore the neighbor’s house we must not be spotted by the neighbor, or he will be chased down and, if the player is not quick enough to escape, caught. If the player is caught, he will be sent back to his own house and will have to break in again. We have four inventory spaces; items of the same kind cannot be stacked together in the same inventory space.





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