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Hidden Folks for Android is a hidden object game developed by Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg. In the game, players are presented with a series of animated, interactive scenes and must find hidden characters, objects, and animals. The game was released for iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows in February 2017, with an Android version available here!



Hidden Folks
Designer(s) Adriaan de Jongh
Artist(s) Sylvain Tegroeg
Engine Unity
Platform(s) iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Android
Release date(s)
  • iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
  • 15 February 2017
  • Android
  • TBA
Genre(s) Hidden object game
Mode(s) Single-player


Hidden Folks for android is a wimmelbilderbuch video game in which players are tasked with locating hidden characters, objects, and animals in a series of environments, similar to the British book series Where’s Wally?. Each scenes is animated and composed of monochrome art.The majority of objects in the environment can be interacted with by tapping or clicking on them.


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