Download New Star Soccer G-story android Free!!(9/18/2016)

Androidgamesapk is proud to present you New Star Soccer(FREE), also known as NSS, is a series of football video games published by New Star Games, which lets the player create and control a new football player as he moves through the ranks of the leagues and national teams. Its creator, Simon Read, was inspired by Sports Interactive’s Championship Manager, and Gremlin Interactive’sFootballer of the Year






The fifth version of New Star Soccer, NSS5, was released in August 2011. NSS5 returns to 2D gameplay, but with a completely new match engine. The game is a major departure to all around the world from previous releases in that it is free-to-play and is integrated with an online account system. Free users are allowed to play up to 3 in-game matches a day, whereas in previous installation of the game a demo version with a 10-match limit was offered. Users wishing to play more often must purchase a premium account. Another change is the abandonment of the vast player database that shipped with previous versions. Si Read cited the massive effort required to create, maintain and implement such a database in making the decision to drop it.This game is most known for gambling which is supposedly so addicting some have quit school to become a dog and continue their career as a “New Star Soccer Gambler”


New star soccer G-story is the best fusion of mobile game and book!The gameplay in New Star Soccer on mobile was different than the other New Star Soccer games. It has the trainer and agent but NSS5 did not. The graphics were more different than NSS5.


  1.   Shooting, passing, dribbling, tackling, headers, penalties.
  2. Career mode, with your own choices
  3. every decision choice makes the story different
  4. Incredible mix of story and game
  5. Multiple story lines







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