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Football Manager 2017 for android (abbreviated to FM17) is an football management simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It is scheduled to be released on Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux on 4 November 2016 Gameplay Football Manager 2017 for android is a sports simulation game. Players can now customize the appearances of their manager on the pitch. Two new modes are introduced in FM2017, including the Fantasy Draft mode, in which multiple players can play together, and draft players with a fixed budget. The second mode is called Create-A-Club, originated from the Editor version of the game but was now included in the final game. Players can create their own club with kits, logos, stadiums and transfer budget. All of them can be customized by players.fm17 android

Football Manager 2016

The addictive series has managed to keep thousands of gamers enthralled over the past 11 years

What are the new features?
Sports Interactive and Sega have been keeping their cards close to their chest ahead of the game’s release and beyond the promise of “more streamlined” gameplay, there has been little in the way of concrete assurances from the pair.

Based on the rumour mill, however, we are led to believe that customisation of manager avatars has been made more in-depth, a greater variety of scenarios have been added to the challenge mode and more interaction from club chairmen is now part of the experience.

The player and manager data-bases are expected to be beefed up considerably.

Football Manager 2017 for android

How much will it cost?
Football Manager 2017 for android is being touted for a £28-35 retail price and can also be bought via download from Steam.

Football Manager 2016

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