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SIMS 5 for Andriod is the latest release(Beta version) of the life simulation game developed by EA’s Maxis. Although the game is as usual a bestseller in the reality video game segment.

SIMS game for Andriod is played by people of all age groups, as it is one of the interesting life stimulation video game in the recent times. Below is the changes in the new release of SIMS 5 video game:


Compare to previous versions:

The style of characters can be changed with their hair color as it is easy to get many types of hairstyles at varying lengths. Some of the hair styles are up, down, braid, wavy, ponytail, straight, bun and many added.


Facial textures:

The facial expression can be customized with the genetic attributes like change in the eye bags, dimples, nose and philtrum button which makes the character more beautiful. It is very easy to change the fixture of the Nose Bridge, nostrils, cheeks, lips, forehead and ear.

Eye color:

The eye color can be changed to make them look more beautiful. The wrinkles on the head and the eyebrow can be modified in a more innovative way.

Skin tone:

The skin tone of the character can also be changed to Light, Medium, Dark, Blue, Green or any other to easily identify your character. The designer could customize the skin and do animation in the SIMS 5 to give additional options for a better look.

Body modifications:

The 3D option is very spectacular in maintaining the body of the character. It is easy to increase the size of the muscles and strength of the body using this advanced option in the game. It will be fun changing the shape of the belly button, muscles, freckles, birthmarks and many others.

Extra makeup:

There are many options available to change the lip color to pink, pale or dark by applying the lipstick of the same color. Tattoos can also be added so that it is easier for the characters to change into modern style. The face mask option in the SIMS 5 would be useful for creating the beautiful faces of the characters. It can also be made in 3D.




Buying a model house of 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms should be added so that more number of people could stay in the house. The floors could be reconstructed with increased size in the 3D formats are also available in the wish list.

House Surroundings:


There are many important features like setting the beautiful environment around the house with attractive garden, swimming pool, decorated fences, trees and many others in 3D graphics mode.

Parking facilities:

Enlarge the parking facilities in the house so that you can easily park your car in SIMS 5. You can also change the size of a garage door; it could increase your game points.

Stairs and Basements in the house:

It is must to modify the stairs in the house; you can choose either L-shaped stairs or U-shaped stairs. Basement needs to be adjusted too, so that it becomes easier to dig in the hilly landscapes for building houses. Split level house can also be customized and made more beautiful for the characters.

Doors and Windows:

It is very easy to choose a door for your house and the options are wooden doors, sliding glass doors, Cellar doors and many added. Also, there are new and different types of door decorations available with a variety of frames, hinges and knobs.

Modular beds:

The bedrooms can be personalized by adding more beds, shelves, tiny washrooms, hidden passageways, closets and more. The beds could be made with different headboards and footboards. The size of bed, furniture and cushions can be increased than the previous game to make the house look new and more beautiful.

Animation and Sound Effects:

Better graphics and animation with 3D effects can be used to get a better image quality in the game. The sound effects should also be high in comparison to the previous series of SIMS. You can know more about SIMS 5 features here.

So to all SIMS lovers, we would love to have your suggestions on SIMS 5 game. You can share them by using the below comment box.



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