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Androidgamesapk presents Layers of fear for android. Layers of Fear is a psychological horror video game developed and published by Bloober Team for Linux, Microsoft Windows,Android OS X,PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In Layers of Fear, the player controls a psychologically disturbed painter trying to complete his magnum opus, as he navigates through a Victorian mansion, with disturbing secrets about the painter being discovered. The gameplay, presented in first person perspective, is heavily story driven and revolves mostly around puzzle-solving and exploration, as the game intensifies after each level while jump scares occur often.


The player takes control of a painter who has returned to his studio. His initial goal is to complete his masterpiece, and it’s player’s role to figure out how this task should be accomplished. The challenge comes from puzzles which require the player to search environment for visual clues. The house appears straightforward at first, but it changes around the player as they explore it in first person. These changes in the environment provide scaffolding for the puzzles and provide unique alternatives to the jump scares common in other games of the genre.

The game is divided into six chapters with various items for the player to find in order to complete his work. The game is heavily dimmed, and there are objects that uncover certain aspects of the painter’s history. While completing the painting, there is a letter that is slowly pieced together, which shows the origin of his masterpiece, and objects which explain the secret of the painter through dialogue flashbacks.


The game starts off with a man coming back home from a court hearing. After briefly exploring his empty house he goes to his workshop to start working on his “masterpiece”. After he adds the first layer, he starts having hallucinations about his past encounters.


From what is gathered, the man used to be an aspiring and ambitious young painter who used his long time lover and talented piano player as a model. But after marrying her and buying a new house things start to slowly change. Pretty soon his wife becomes pregnant and they bare a baby daughter together. After giving birth, he decides to spend more time working on his paintings and leaving his wife with all the burden. After buying a dog for his family, he starts to have drinking problems due to constant stress and noise outside the workshop. He attaches a muzzle to the dog, but pretty soon rats start to put even more stress on him. His talent starts to slowly decay and his vision for painting becomes twisted. He gets rid of the rat infestation himself by drowning them or slitting them and hanging them in the basement. He pretty soon stops using his wife in his paintings.

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