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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a first-person action-adventure game in which a player takes control of Faith Connors as she progresses through a futuristic city called Glass. Similar to the original Mirror’s Edge, players traverse the city using aspects of urban exploration and parkour movements to complete missions and evade or fight enemies. Players can also make use of environmental objects such as zip-lines and ledges, and equipment including Mag Rope and Disruptor to travel across buildings. When players mark an objective on their map, Faith’s “runner vision” is activated and some scenery items automatically highlight in red. These act as guides to lead players towards their objective. The use of levels and linear gameplay found in the first Mirror’s Edge has been replaced with an open-world, free-roaming environment. This gives players more freedom in traversal, allowing for the use of multiple paths to reach one’s objective. In addition to the campaign’s mission, side activities such as time trials, races and environmental puzzles are featured. Additionally, items called Gridleaks can be found across the world that can be collected by players.

Mirrors Edge For Android

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst contains several multiplayer features, which DICE calls Social Play.[10] While there are no live co-operative multiplayer or side-by-side competitive modes, the game features asynchronous multiplayer in which a player’s actions in the game can affect the world for other players’ games.Mirror’s Edge Catalyst received “generally favorable” reviews, according to video game review aggregator. Enjoy this beta version on Android for free.


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