Download Fifa 17 apk for android

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FIFA 17 for Android is an association football video game, released on 27 June 2016 in North America and 29 June 2016 for the rest of the world. This is the first FIFA game in the series to use the Frostbite game engine.


The Journey

The game will also feature a new single player story campaign mode titled The Journey (similar to MyCareer mode in NBA 2K), where players assume the role of Alex Hunter, a young footballer trying to make his mark in the Premier League.[4] The player will be able to select one of 20 Premier League clubs to play for at the beginning of the season.[4] The story mode also features a dialogue wheel.

The game is the first in the FIFA series to include female players. It is also the first in which the players on the covers were chosen by popular vote, including the first women to appear on the cover. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are the commentators for the game.


Physical play has been overhauled

The players now feature a new “pushback” technology, which governs their sense of balance during skirmishes with opponents. Instead of using two-player canned animations for these tussles, the system apparently utilises real-time physical interactions, meaning that every contact is unique and has realistic outcomes for the character models involved. For example, the player on the ball is able to push back on an opponent, gaining extra balance in the process and fending off their tackle.


Individuality is a focus again

EA Sports wants Fifa 17 to reflect the variety of player skills and personalities in the real sport. Consequently, the game is using full-body performance capture on major players, as well as a new facial animation technology, which brings in more life and emotion to faces. There are going to be new skill moves, and new tackles including special high-skill tackles that only certain defenders are able to pull off. To increase the fluidity, both in terms of gameplay and visuals, there are three times as many animations as Fifa 2016, and the development team has reduced the number of first-touch errors.



The game contains 78 stadiums, including 50 real-world venues. Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth, was added to honour Portsmouth fan Simon Humber, creative director of the FIFA series, who died of cancer in 2015.

A new Training Mode was also added to Career Mode allowing the player to develop footballers in the team of which they are managing without actually playing them. These are in the form of skill games, a feature first added to the series in EA Sports’ 2014 World Cup official game. It allows the player to set a specific focus on which the footballer should develop on meaning that he will grow specifically according to the chosen focus attribute. Doing this also increases the transfer value of the player.

New friendly enhancements were added to the mode with players now able to pick a friendly tournament before a season starts. Winning these friendly tournaments gives the player a reward in the form of a transfer budget boost. Also, unlimited substitutions are permitted when playing these friendly games. Other features include two-year loans, many realistic transfer budget enhancements and improved player values.

New features that are exclusive to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Android versions of the game will involve a licensed presentation package for the Bundesliga, new weather and kick-off time variations, and the use of vanishing spray during certain matches.


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Download Lovers in a dangerous spacetime apk for android

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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a video game developed by Asteroid Base for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Playstation 4, Linux, Android and Xbox One. The project is part of the ID@Android program. The game’s title is a reference to the Bruce Cockburn song “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”.


The game can be played alone or with two players. The players pilot a spaceship with a variety of stations located inside it. These stations control the ship’s weapons, engine, shield, Yamato cannon, and map. Each player controls only a single avatar (as well as commanding the AI pet in single-player mode), and thus must constantly move from station to station in order to balance flying the ship, protecting it from damage, and attacking enemies. During the course of gameplay, gift boxes can be discovered which may contain gems. These gems can be attached to the stations, giving them new, enhanced powers.


The game consists of four campaigns; each contain four levels and a boss fight. The goal of the regular levels is to find and rescue an assortment of captured creatures including bunnies, frogs, foxes, and ducks. After capturing five such creatures in a level, a heart-shaped portal to the next level is unlocked and the players may enter it to complete the level. A few levels feature an alternative gameplay mode in which a special engine is attached to the ship which the players must protect as it warps the ship to a new area. Up to ten creatures may be rescued per level. Creatures saved count towards improving the effectiveness of the ship by allowing two gems per station, or unlocking new ship layouts.



There are four campaigns, all named after constellations: Ursa Major, Cetus, Orion, and King Cepheus. Each campaign has four levels and a final boss, which takes the shape of the constellation in that chosen campaign.

Ursa Major     

The first of four campaigns, Ursa Major has four levels: Forest Cluster, Planetoidia, Wormhole Outpost, Cavernous Core, and the final boss, The Great Bear.The objective of the campaign is to collect and save all of the bunnies.

The second of four campaigns, Cetus has four levels: Skybeach, The Four Queens, Big Seas, Undercaves, and the final boss, The Sea Monster. The objective of the campaign is to collect and save all of the frogs. This campaign introduces sun and water surfaces, which can be used to strategically defend against enemies.


The third of four campaigns, Orion has four levels: Celestial Snowfields, Solar Vents, Winter Wormhole, Melt Zone, and the final boss, The Hunter. The objective of the campaign is to collect and save foxes. This campaign contains winter and ice-themed maps.





Download Street Fighter 5 for android

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Street Fighter V (ストリートファイターV Sutorīto Faitā Faivu?) for Android is a fighting video game published by Capcom, who co-developed the game with Dimps. It is the fifth main numbered entry in the Street Fighter series. The game was released in February 2016 for thePlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows,Android with a later release on Linux, and will feature cross-platform play between the android and PlayStation 4 versions.


Street Fighter V carries on the side-scrolling fighting gameplay of its predecessors, in which two fighters use a variety of attacks and special abilities to knock out their opponent. The game features the EX gauge introduced in Street Fighter III, which builds as the player lands attacks and can be used to either power up special moves or perform super combos known as Critical Arts, although the Focus Attacks from the previous game have been removed. New to this game is the “V-Gauge”, which builds as the player receives attacks and adds three new techniques: V-Skills, V-Reversals, and V-Triggers. V-Skills are special attacks unique to each fighter; for example, Ryu can parry an attack while M. Bison can reflect projectiles, some of which build V-Gauge when successfully performed. V-Reversals allow players to use a section of the V-Gauge to perform a counter move whilst being attacked. Finally, V-Triggers use the entire V-Gauge to allow the player to perform a unique ability, such as a temporary damage boost for Ryu’s energy balls or added hits to Chun-Li’s attacks. Additionally, the Stun Meter, which has been present sinceStreet Fighter III, is made visible under the health bars in this game. The Stun Meter increases when receiving consecutive attacks and will cause the player to become stunned if filled; thus, it encourages players to play offensively when the opponent’s Meter is close to full. The game also features an interactive arena, showcasing special animations when a player is defeated at the edge of the arena.



The game features 16 characters at launch, four of whom are new to the Street Fighter series. Following the game’s launch, several additional characters will be developed and added to the game via updates, beginning with six characters currently planned to be released throughout 2016. These characters, among other post-launch content, are able to be purchased via either of two in-game currency systems: “Zenny”, purchased via real-world currency, or “Fight Money”, earned through gameplay.



Download Street Fighter V for android :




Download Deus Ex: Mandkind divided apk for android

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for Android is an  cyberpunk-themed action RPG game in the Deus Ex series. It is being developed byEidos Montréal and will be published by Square Enix.


The Deus Ex series is best-known for its single-player campaign, which stars everyone’s favorite moody cyborg, Adam Jensen. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided plans on extending beyond the story campaign, however, with a new mode called “Breach.”

Breach mode is a single-player competitive mode, where players compete for high scores on leaderboards. The gameplay is similar to the base Mankind Divided game, in that players are expected to sneak and/or fight their way through various areas. There are multiple leaderboards that players can compete for top spots on, including quickest completion, and highest score. Along the way, players can improve their character with better weapons, equipment, and new abilities that make tasks much easier.


Breach also includes its own story, and a new playable character within the Deus Ex Universe. The player takes on the role of an anonymous hacktivist who is working with a mysterious organization to steal information from corporations and deliver it to the public. Each mission takes place within a virtual world, and every room, item, and character takes on a plain, geometric aesthetic. The story is told via text messages with other individuals in the hacktivists group, as the player learns piece-by-piece the scope of various corporations’ corruption.

In my hour or so with the Breach game mode, I snuck around, stole data, and meleed a few virtual humans in order to complete various win-requirements as efficiently as possible. The core gameplay was very much what fans would expect of Deus Ex, but that’s about where the resemblance stops. Between the intentionally unsophisticated graphics, short time trial missions, and simplified gameplay, Deus Ex feels very much like a minigame, rather than a full-fledged additional game mode.


Most of the missions in Breach require the player to sneak around a small area, and hack into various servers, then run back to the place they spawned from. Along the way, players have to deal with turrets, guards, alarms (which draw more turrets and guards), and the occasional jumping puzzle. Unfortunately, all of the missions I played were all very similar to one another, and the vast majority of the missions took place on the same three or four maps. The only differences between each mission were the placements of various guards, turrets, or servers, which didn’t do much to keep me engaged for very long.

The leveling system in Breach is fairly complex. There are weapons, ammo types, equipment, consumables, and abilities, all which help the player be better-suited to complete each challenge. The player obtains better items by purchasing packs of cards with in-game currency, but microtransactions are also available to speed the process along. I’m curious to see how equipment/leveling advantages will impact the leaderboard aspect of the game mode, especially since microtransactions could give some players a clear advantage in setting the best records.


So far, Breach feels a bit like dumbed down version of the Deus Ex formula, and more like a minigame than a substantial experience. Between the bizarre presentation, the potential for microtransactions to taint the leaderboard experience, and the repetitive nature of the missions, I don’t think that this game mode is something to be entirely excited about. Time will tell as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided continues to be worked on.

Download Deux ex: Mankind Divided from here :-





Download Big hero 6: battle in the bay apk

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Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay is a 3DS and DS game developed by GameMill Entertainment now also for Android, and based on the film Big Hero 6.


Set after the events of the film, the game follows robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada and his like-minded friends turned heroes — Baymax, GoGo Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred — as they attempt to save the city of San Fransokyo from a battlebot invasion. The adventurous gameplay is brought to life with vibrant comic-style storytelling that gives players control of the stars of the film in this action-packed combat platformer.


Disney ‘Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay’ for android lets players interact with all six members of the squad, each in unique ways. Playable characters include Fred, boasting over-the-top power; GoGo, specializing in speed; Wasabi, featuring fast-paced combat skills; and Hiro who’s adept at platforming. Baymax and Honey Lemon also show up to support players throughout gameplay. Each of the adventure’s 20 story levels is tailored to reflect and test the talents of a specific character with a diverse assortment of enemies and environmental hazards. The game also offers climactic boss showdowns, hidden collectibles that unlock potent upgrades for the crew and special Challenge Mode versions of each stage.






Download Overwatch apk for android

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Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Unveiled at BlizzCon 2014, the game emphasizes cooperative gameplay using a cast of various “heroes”, each with their own abilities and roles within a team. The game has been released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Android.


The  story of Overwatch is set in the near-future Earth, years after the resolution of the global-scale “Omnic Crisis”. This crisis put humanity under threat of the “Omnic” artificial intelligence. This led to the uprising of robots all around the world and a massive conflict on the global scale. To end this conflict, an international task force called “Overwatch” was formed by the United Nations to protect humanity, ending the Crisis. In the years after, Overwatch remained as a peacekeeping force, but after multiple incidents of criminal activity popped up around the globe, accusations of corruption and sedition began to surface. The people turned against those who had saved them.
Once regarded as heroes, members of Overwatch were then looked down upon with suspicion. Then one day, the headquarters of Overwatch were suddenly destroyed – apparently by accident. Officially, the attack took the life of Overwatch leader Jack Morrison and second-in-command Gabriel Reyes. After this event, the task force was eventually disbanded. It is believed by some that the cause of the downfall of Overwatch was due actually to an elaborate conspiracy by those who wanted to see the end of the organization, although nothing has been confirmed officially by the UN.


Overwatch for Android features squad-based combat with two opposing teams of six players each. In Overwatch for Macbook and iMac the players can choose one of several hero characters, each with their own unique abilities and role classes.

Overwatch for Macbook air includes four character roles: offense characters with high speed and attack but low defense, defense characters meant to form choke points for enemies, support characters that provide buffs and debuffs for their allies and enemies respectively (such as healing or speed alterations), and tank characters that have a large amount of armor and hit points to withstand enemy attacks and draw fire away from teammates. Players can switch between characters in-game following deaths, which is encouraged by the game’s overall design. The game’s maps are inspired by real-world locations for better gaming experience.


Overwatch for android currently has three main game modes, with some maps featuring a hybrid of point capture and payload:
In Point Capture mode: the attacking team must attempt to capture points on the map, while the defending team must stop them.
In Payload mode: The attacking team must escort a vehicle to a certain delivery point before time runs out, while the defending team must stop them. The vehicle moves along a fixed track when a player on the attacking team is close to it.
In Control mode: Each team tries to capture and maintain a control point until their capture percentage reaches 100%.

Experience the game Overwatch for Android in High definition graphics and play in a solo mode or multiplayer with other players to improve your skills. Download the Overwatch For Android easily on your all android devices. So, Hurry up and download the game to experience the game in HD graphics and multiplayer with other players all around world.





Download LEGO Marvel Super Heroes apk (free version)

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Androidgamesapk presents LEGO Marvel superheros for FREE!!LEGO Marvel Superheroes is a game being developed by TT Games. It is to include 150 playable characters, going from Hero or Villain, to Mini Fig or Big Fig! Big Figs, are LEGO Figures that are large and brute-like, so characters like Hulk and The Thing will be more like they are supposed to! This is the first LEGO game (for Consoles) to include them! Players will also be able to go to iconic places in the Marvel Universe! There is more to learn about this game.

maxresdefault (6)

Following the gameplay style of past Lego titles, players are able to control 180 characters from the Marvel Universe, each with their own unique abilities. For example, Spider-Mancan swing on his webs and use his spider sense while the Hulk, who is larger than the standard minifigures, can throw large objects, as well as shrink down into Bruce Banner to access computers.Galactus was chosen as the main antagonist in the game. According to game director, Arthur Parsons, and producer, Phil Ring, one of the main settings of Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a Lego version of New York City. In addition, a Lego version ofAsgard was created.


The creative team has also incorporated Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee in the game. He is a part of missions called “Stan Lee in Peril” (similar to “Citizen in Peril” missions from previous games). He is also a playable character and has several of the other characters’ abilities (such as Spider-Man’s webbing, a combination of Human Torch’s heat beam and Cyclops’s optic blast, Mr. Fantastic’s ability to grapple, Wolverine’s adamantiumskeleton when all health is depleted, and the ability to transform into a Hulk-like version of Lee).

Players can also explore the Marvel version of New York City, though they can only use a specific character and access buildings after the campaign is complete. Side missions are narrated by Deadpool and take place in buildings with their own storylines. There are a total of 15 missions in the main single-player campaign, followed by 12 side missions.

Many of the main LEGO mini figure characters are based on their appearance from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example Tony Stark is depicted as Robert Downey Jr., Nick Fury is based on Samuel L. Jackson, whilst Agent Phil Coulson is both modelled on and voiced by Clark Gregg.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes received generally positive reviews upon release. Among its strengths, reviewers cited its humor, variety of missions, characters, and open-world gameplay. According to review aggregating website GameRankings, Lego Marvel Super Heroes received an average review score of 84.00% based on 15 reviews; according to Metacritic, it received an average review score of 83/100 based on 22 reviews, indicating “generally favorable reviews”.




Download Toca Life: School free on android

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Grab your backpack Androidgamesapk presents Toca Life: School FREE on Android.— it’s time for Toca Life: School! Teach a class, pick a locker and have a food fight in the cafeteria! With five locations and 34 characters, you can create your very own school adventures!

screen640x640 (1)

Thanks to the outpouring of ideas from kids all over the world we created Toca Life — a series of apps that gives you an even bigger world of everyday fun. Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City are our first apps in the series; now we’re excited to introduce Toca Life: School!

Toca Life: School has five unique locations for telling stories about life at school. Head out to the playground and coach a basketball team, conduct a science experiment in the classroom and jam with your band in the youth club! All characters, and anything they are holding, can easily be moved between locations.T

Wear funny costumes and throw a party. Mix colorful liquids in the chem lab, climb a tree and play hide-and-seek. Looking for some after-school fun? The youth club is always open for fun activities like pool, ping-pong or playing instruments.R

There are treasures hidden everywhere in Toca Life: School, and with our free in-app content channel it’s easy to find out about them! Located in the top right corner of the start screen, Life Weekly updates every Thursday and gives you fun insights into the whole world of Toca Life!


Use the in-app recording feature to record your story! Exclusive to the Toca Life series, the recording feature will help you share the stories you create. By recording sound and screen you’ll be able to save an up to two minutes long video to your camera roll!
– Five locations to explore: house, cafeteria, school building, youth club and playground
– 34 characters to play with and different outfits to wear
– Discover the school building with different themed lockers, a school office and a classroom that includes a lab for experiments!
– Set off the fire alarm sprinkles and use the fire extinguisher
– Learn to play the epic keytar and start a band in the youth club!
– Play sports or cheer on a game at the playground!
– Chew gum and throw stink bombs!
– Start a food fight in the cafeteria and clean it up afterward
– Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
– No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
– No third-party advertising
– No in-app purchases



Download New Star Soccer G-story android Free!!(9/18/2016)

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Androidgamesapk is proud to present you New Star Soccer(FREE), also known as NSS, is a series of football video games published by New Star Games, which lets the player create and control a new football player as he moves through the ranks of the leagues and national teams. Its creator, Simon Read, was inspired by Sports Interactive’s Championship Manager, and Gremlin Interactive’sFootballer of the Year






The fifth version of New Star Soccer, NSS5, was released in August 2011. NSS5 returns to 2D gameplay, but with a completely new match engine. The game is a major departure to all around the world from previous releases in that it is free-to-play and is integrated with an online account system. Free users are allowed to play up to 3 in-game matches a day, whereas in previous installation of the game a demo version with a 10-match limit was offered. Users wishing to play more often must purchase a premium account. Another change is the abandonment of the vast player database that shipped with previous versions. Si Read cited the massive effort required to create, maintain and implement such a database in making the decision to drop it.This game is most known for gambling which is supposedly so addicting some have quit school to become a dog and continue their career as a “New Star Soccer Gambler”


New star soccer G-story is the best fusion of mobile game and book!The gameplay in New Star Soccer on mobile was different than the other New Star Soccer games. It has the trainer and agent but NSS5 did not. The graphics were more different than NSS5.


  1.   Shooting, passing, dribbling, tackling, headers, penalties.
  2. Career mode, with your own choices
  3. every decision choice makes the story different
  4. Incredible mix of story and game
  5. Multiple story lines







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Download Station manager for android (Free till 10/18/2016)

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Androidgamesapk is proud to present you Station Manager developed by Kyrosoft for Free!

In Station Manager you manage several train stations in multiple maps/towns. Develop the town and fill the station with shops and services to attract new passengers and open new train routes.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Only 1 train station can be managed at one time. However, about 40% income from the other stations will be added periodically to the current station. Every 1st month of the year, an option will be given to change the station that will be managed directly for the current year..

This game is similar to Kairosoft’s previous game, Pocket Academy, where the game is played in several maps with different characteristics. Unlike Pocket Academy, all progress in all maps are saved, allowing player to change maps every game year without having to start a new game.